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Valentine Card with Iris Folding

A dear friend of mine, Judibug (her user name on the PcCrafter message board), introduced me to the wonders (and therapeutic effect) of iris folding. Continuing her example, I hope to inspire you into trying this art.  Here’s a simple card project you can make for someone special this Valentine’s Day. 

Valentine Card With Iris Folding


  • 1 sheet cardstock – your choice of color (light colors work best)
  • 1 sheet regular paper
  • 1  5 1/8” x 7” blank card
  • 3 coordinating sheets of scrapbooking paper
  • narrow tape – ½” wide or less
  • double-sided tape, glue, or any other adhesive of your choice


  1. Download and print onto the cardstock the design at the bottom of this page – print size is 4.5” x 6.3”.  Before printing, you might like to add your own sentiment on the blank space on the design ( I have “ To a Marvelous Teacher on Valentine’s Day” in Artist’s Script font). Download and print the heart pattern on a scrap piece of paper.
  2. Cut the printed design along straight lines. Carefully slash the heart shape and cut following the outline. You may want to save this scrap to put in the center of the heart later.
  3. Cut 1 inch wide strips of the scrapbooking papers (if the paper is about 11 inches long, two strips of 1” x 11” of each paper will be more than enough to finish the project). Fold in half lengthwise – try lightly scoring the middle of the strips so that you can do this easily (tip given by Judibug). You should now have six strips of paper that are ½’ wide by 11” long. So as not to get confused while doing iris folding, designate each pattern paper as “a”, “b” and “c” – this corresponds with the given pattern.
  4. Tape the heart pattern on a table top (or whatever flat surface you work on). Take the card front with the cut-out heart shape and flip it over. Tape this over the heart pattern, making sure that the cut-out and the pattern line up nicely. 
  5. Starting with your “a” strip, and the part marked “1a” on the pattern, cover the cut-out with the strip, making sure that the folded side is aligned with the straight line in the pattern. Cut the strip - use just enough of the strip to cover the heart and a bit of overlap so that you can tape the edges. Next, take the “b” strip, and cover “1b”, then the “c” strip and cover “1c” – continue in this fashion until the heart is almost covered. Note: there is really no “8b” in the pattern.
  6. Cover the small triangle with a scrap piece of paper (you may want to use the heart cut-out from step 2).
  7. Carefully remove the card front from being taped to the pattern, and flip it over – voila! I like this part when I can see the design on the front side. With double-sided tape or adhesive of your choice, stick the design on the blank card.
  8. If my instructions are not clear (I just discovered that it’s difficult to put in words the things you can easily do with your hands, LOL), please do a search on iris folding – and you’ll come up with a lot of sites that will probably give you clearer (or more detailed) instructions. I hope you get hooked on iris folding – it’s fun!

Valentine Card with Iris Folding Template

Heart Iris Folding Pattern Template

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