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Trash-To-Treasure Candy Cake

Here's how to make these:  (ignore the CD, didn't really use it here, LOL!)

into something like this: 

1. For this project, I used spools that held 1 3/4" wide ribbons - one is larger than the other so that the candy cake will have two tiers. Cut a piece of paper (I used a long drawing paper, because the standard 81/2' x 11" paper was not long enough) about 2 3/4" wide - (1 inch more than 1 3/4"). Score a line about 1/2 " from each long edge of the paper. Roll the spool onto this paper so that you can measure how long the paper should be - add 1/2" for overlap. Cut. 

2. Cut the paper every 1/2 inch (or less) from the edge to the score line. Do this on both sides of the paper.

3. Roll the spool into the paper again, this time, fold the edge and tape onto the spool. It's easier to do both sides at the same time, so that the spool won't get lop-sided. Keep folding, taping then rolling until the sides of the spool are covered like this:

4. Do steps 1 - 3 for the other spool, so you should have something like this:

5. Trace around the spools and cover the top of each spool - or you may want to download the image at the end of this instructions to cover the spool tops. Stack the two spools, glue the smaller spool on top of the bigger one (I used rubber cement for this). You might also want to cut a circle from cardboard or chipboard that is bigger than the large spool for the cake's base.

6. Design your candy wrapper and wrap the chocolate candy bars (Hershey's miniatures). Stick the bars onto the cake base - I used foam mounting squares, each square cut into four smaller squares. Glue dots would probably work, too.

7. When you're done covering the base with candies, poke a hole in the middle of the upper tier with a bamboo skewer or lollipop stick (push it until it reaches the cake base). Design your cake topper, print and stick onto the skewer. Add curling ribbons (I taped mine onto the skewer also) and you're done! 

...and here's the circle graphic I used for the cake base and the spool tops, you're welcome to use it!

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