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The Christmas Orange

This is one Christmas story that should be told during the holiday season; share it with friends and family with this beautiful card!

Picture - Christmas Orange Card 2Picture - Christmas Orange Card 1


  • one sheet card stock and one sheet brochure paper or plain paper
  • orange graphics from "Chic Caddies – Fruit Series"
  • finished pop-up tissue ball (instructions on how to make this are in “Pop-up Tissue Ball ” – orange tissue paper was used in constructing the ball)
  • other tools/materials:  scissors,  glue/adhesive, etc.


  1. Use the “Sanded Mustard” background graphic and an olive color (if you want the exact color I used, R=136, G=123, B=79) to frame the story and the oranges.
  2. The card front measures 5” x 6.5”. Design the card front using “Orange1” and “Orange branch” images.  For the plentiful oranges on the bottom of the card,  make 2 duplicates of the original “Orange Branch” image and position them as shown on the picture.
  3. The text in front of the card reads (I got this from www.craftsayings.com, no author was indicated):

The Christmas Orange

In an orphanage, the children have very little surprises and gifts.
Every year at Christmas time in one such place, each child gets 
a fresh, round orange as a treat. The orange is very special, 
and is something the children look forward to each year.  

One year, one of the boys saw an old man outside in 
ragged clothes wandering by as though he had no real place to be.
The little boy's heart fills with love and he decides to give the 
man his orange. After all, he knows he will have a meal 
tomorrow, and is not sure when was the last time 
the man had something good to eat.  

The next morning the boy wakes up to an unusual orange: 
it was an orange alright, but made of different orange slices! 
All of the other boys had saved 1 slice of their own orange to 
give to the boy who gave away his orange.

  1. The inside of the card, which measures 10” x 6.5”, uses the same elements as the front, and for the stem and leaf for the “orange”, use the image below: 

Picture - Christmas Orange Card Leaf

  1. Use the “Circle Base” from “Pop-up Tissue Ball” to mark the position of the orange tissue ball along the fold line.
  2. On the left hand side of the card, type the text: 

Today, to give an orange
on Christmas is a gesture 
of selfless love.
Sharing what we truly 
value is the true spirit 
of Christmas.  . 

  1. On the right hand side, type the text:

Our Heavenly Father
gave us His beloved Son. 
May we, like the children 
in the orphanage, 
find ways to share 
His love with others..

  1. Print the card front on brochure/plain paper. Cut along the borders.
  2. Print the inside of the card on card stock, and trim along the borders. Score and fold in the middle.
  3. Glue the printed card front on the cardstock. Glue the tissue ball on the inside of the card.  


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