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Tag Card with Judi's Instructions

After introducing me to iris folding, Judibug (her user name on the PcCrafter message board), then sent me a beautiful tag card – you can see this card in the gallery. I didn’t get hooked right away because I just had my baby then. Well, of course, as soon as I was able to, here I go again, copying her, LOL!  My tag card is a more humble version – but of course, you can add as much or as little embellishments as you want!


Tag Card 1

Tag Card 2




2 sheets white cardstock

double-sided tape, glue, or any other adhesive of your choice

graphics of your choice – I used Spring Haze2 background, butterfly2 and all the hummingbirds from Winter Reflections – Spring & Summer





Download the tag template below (if you don’t have any tag templates).


Judi says:


When the tags were all "dressed up" I cut "hinges" from a med. weight cardstock so it would fold nicely. I attached all of the front side tags together in a row using the "hinges". Leaving a small space  between each tag (so there would be room for each tag edge when it is folded) I put all front tags together, side by side. After scoring  the hinges down the middle I used glue pens from Sam's Club to  apply the adhesive. You could use double stick tape. I tried running  stuff through the Xyron but it was just too sticky for this project....  after all hinges were attached to the tags, I flipped the "chain" of tags over. Then taking the rest of the tags, being mindful of keeping  them in the correct order, I used double stick tape on the back of  the tags and adhered them to their respectful fronts. This makes the hinge almost invisible as it is "caught" in-between the front and back tag. At this point I punched a hole in each tag pair using the pair before it to place the hole at the same place in each pair. Then I put  several yarns and ribbons in each in each of these holes.... it folds up like an accordion and if one chooses it will stand on a flat surfaces all by it's self while it is slightly folded....  that is all there is to it... sure didn't take as long to write about it as it did to do it....  I hope all of these instructions are helpful... 



Template - Tag Card 

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