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Sweetheart Take-out Box
   Okay, I couldn’t resist calling this take-out box a sweetheart because yes, it looks sweet (if you can call a box sweet, LOL!). Very easy project, and you can fill it with all kinds of treats (I’m filling mine with home-baked cookies).

Sweetheart Take-out Box


  • 1 take-out box (I bought mine from a restaurant supply store – 50 pcs for only $5!)
  • printing paper of your choice
  • graphics of your choice (I used images from Roses in Winter )
  • glue or adhesive spray or Xyron


  1. Download the template below. The template fits a 3 ½” tall box (about). If you have a smaller or bigger box, resize accordingly.
  2. Design with graphics of your choice – I used the following images from Roses in Winter : Rose Top Border, Rose Bottom Border and Pink Background with Polka Dots. Add a sentiment if you like.
  3. Print, cut along the lines and stick on the take-out box. If you want, print out two of your design so that the front and back are both covered. You may also want to line the box with pink tissue paper to add pizzazz.

Sweetheart Take-out Box Template

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