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Starbucks® Frap Caddy Wrap

This caddy has been a favorite among crafters to alter – me included! Here’s Gem’s Cottage take on this popular product…

Starbucks Frap Caddy Wrap picture


  • 1 Starbucks® Frappucino caddy
  • 4 sheets white cardstock (or 1 sheet cardstock and 3 sheets brochure paper)
  • Starbucks® caddy graphics from Over a Cup of Coffee  (there are 3)
  • Double sided tape (red) or adhesive of your choice


  1. Print out the graphics on cardstock and/or brochure paper. Print  1 each of the caddy bottom (cardstock) and handlewrap (cardstock or brochure paper). Print 2 copies of the caddy wrap (cardstock or brochure paper).
  2. For the printed caddy bottom, cut along solid lines and score on dotted lines. Adhere to the bottom of the caddy and fold overlaps to the sides. This makes the caddy sturdier and more stable.
  3. For the printed handle wrap, again, cut along the solid lines and score along the dotted lines. Slash the inside of the ovals and cut.  Fold along the scored lines then adhere to the caddy handle, making sure that the edges and oval holes are aligned. Do not stick the 4 triangular flaps to the caddy yet.
  4. If you want to have overlaps for the sides, just cut along the solid lines at the top and bottom of the caddy wrap, otherwise, cut along the sides, too. Score along the dotted lines and fold. Carefully adhere to the caddy, folding the edge over the top so that it looks neat.
  5. Stick the triangular flaps to the caddy, covering the edge of the wrap, then tuck in the end of the flap under the wrap edge (if the instructions don’t make sense here, refer to the photo above, LOL – this is hard to explain!). Tape/glue every thing down.
  6. At this point, you should be done – ta-da!

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