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Small Warm Delights® Sleeves

Personally, I’m happier with this small version of Warm Delights® – just the right size, just the right price, just the right number of calories (no, I am not making money with this endorsement, LOL!) – and if you need a “little something” to give, this is just the right “thing”!

Small Warm Delights® Sleeve picture


  • 1 small size Warm Delights® microwaveable cake
  • 1 sheet white cardstock
  • 1 single-serve coffee bag
  • double-sided tape (red) or your favorite adhesive
  • border punch (optional)
  • Warm Delights® small sleeve image from Over a Cup of Coffee *
    *Note: the set includes two sleeves - one with a ditty included and one without


  1. Print the image onto the card stock – you can fit two images in one sheet.
  2. Cut along the solid line in the middle (if you fit two in one sheet) – however, do not cut the excess on the sides as these will form the overlaps.
  3. Score and fold on the dotted lines.
  4. Tape the coffee envelope onto the bowl. Do not forget to include instructions on how to bake the cake – photocopy or copy as needed.
  5. If using a border punch, punch the top and bottom edges of the sleeve, following manufacturer’s instructions.
  6. Wrap the coffee and cake with the sleeve, overlap the edges at the bottom and tape or glue together.

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