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Small Gift Bag
   by Gem Sahagun

If you've ever needed a gift bag for a present that's not exactly big, look no further! The gift bag shown below is versatile (I have made birthday treat bags using the same template) and can be adapted to any occasion - specially Christmas! And this project fits exactly on one sheet of paper - check out the download link below for the template.

Small Gift Bag


  • graphics of your choice (I used images from Silver and Gold)
  • 1 sheet photo paper or paper of your choice
  • 1 piece pipe cleaner/glitter chenille stem
  • your favorite adhesive (I used double-sided tape)


  1. Download the template from the link indicated below. Size the template to 8" x 10".
  2. Use a graphics software, put images of your choice on template. For the bag on the right, I just put the design on the two wide panels, leaving the narrow panels blank (it's easier to see where you're going to fold).
  3. Print the bag, cut along the solid lines and fold along the dashes. Tip: use a nail file or a bone folder with a ruler to score along the fold lines to make it easier to fold.
  4. Glue or tape the side and one short edge of the bottom trapezoid flap.
  5. Punch holes where indicated.Cut the pipe cleaner in half and thread each one into the holes for the handle. Coil the ends a little and you can tuck them under the flap so that they are not sticking out.
  6. That's it! That was easy wasn't it? Now you're probably going to make five more, LOL!

Just right click on the image to download, then save in your disk! This is a freebie and it may be used for either personal or commercial use. However, no digital sharing please! You may direct friends and family to this website if you want them to take advantage of this freebie. Thank you!


Free Small Gift Bag Template

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