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Sm., Med. & Lrg. Candle Caddies

These projects show how easily you can change the size of the caddies to suit what you need. It’s not only a great summer project, but for the whole year through (if you’re thinking of making Christmas in July projects – these are perfect!).

Small, Medium and Large Candle Caddies



  1. Open the caddy graphic of your choice and reduce it to the size you need: for the large caddy, no reduction is needed; for the medium caddy, reduce to 65% and for the small caddy, reduce to 50%. Note: most graphic software can easily handle image reduction, a quick way to do it is to hold down the shift button then drag the arrow on the corner of the graphic until the side that originally measures 10 inches becomes 6.5 inches (for 65% reduction) or 5 inches (for 50% reduction). Do the same for the handle-divider.
  2. Assemble the caddy according to the instructions (if you’re using a Coluzzle adjust accordingly for smaller sizes).
  3. Line with tissue paper – cut into smaller rectangles or squares, and layer 2 or three sheets.
  4. You might also want to add a bow on top and lace on the top edge for more pizzazz!

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