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Single Rose Chocolate Sticks
   Roses and chocolates go together perfectly in this candy-wrapping project. Great to give away singly as a treat or bunch together for a “chocolate bouquet”!

"Single Rose" Chocolate Sticks


  • Chocolate sticks (I used Nestle Stixx® in this project)
  • Brochure paper (glossy is good!)
  • Graphics (I used the red, pink and yellow single rosebuds, rose leaves and bows from Roses in Winter)
  • double-sided tape
  • Optional tools: paper crimper, pinking shears, 7/8” diameter wooden dowel or plastic tube


  1. Download the template below, print size is 7.5” x 3.5” – note that this size is for Nestle Stixx®, resize accordingly for other brands of chocolate sticks.
  2. Design the candy wrapper, and print. Using the template given, you can fit three wrappers on a single sheet. Cut along the lines.
  3. Put double-sided tape along one long edge of the wrapper. Stick the other long edge to this taped edge (this might be challenging). If you have a wooden dowel or plastic tube, you can just put the taped wrapper on the dowel, then, holding the taped side with your fingers, roll the dowel and paper (if you can imagine rolling a cigar) – the other edge should stick easily.
  4. Slide off the paper from the dowel, insert a chocolate stick into the paper tube and pinch both ends flat, making sure that the design shows nicely. Cut two short pieces of tape and tape both ends inside. For a professional look, run the ends through a paper crimper (turn the knob of the crimper until you feel the resistance, then turn back), then cut the edge with pinking shears.

® Nestle Stixx is a registered trademark of  Societe des Produits Nestlé S.A., Vevey, Switzerland

"Single Rose" Chocolate Sticks Template

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