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Shaped Treat Bag
   This is a cute variation from the usual treat bags – it has notches near the top where you can tie a ribbon and it won’t slide off. Another easy project - and the template fits on just one sheet of paper!

Shaped Treat Bag


  • 1 sheet cardstock or printing paper of your choice
  • Graphics of your choice (I used Roses and Baby’s breath with Tossed Leaves Background from Roses in Winter )
  • Double-sided tape or glue
  • A piece of ribbon


  1. Download the template below. Design with graphics of your choice.
  2. Print and cut out along solid lines – do not cut along red lines yet. Score and fold along broken lines. While paper is folded, cut along red lines.
  3. Assemble treat bag – glue or tape flaps.
  4. Fill bag with treats then tie the ribbon into a bow so that it fits snugly on the “neck” of the bag.

Shaped Treat Bag Template

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