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Shamrock Pin
  Get into the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day with this pretty 3D pin! Thanks to Susie Gardner for the clever idea of layering progressively smaller sizes of the same graphic. If you haven’t tried this technique yet, this is an easy project to begin with!

Shamrock Pin


  • cardstock
  • 1 small foam mounting square
  • adhesive-backed pin
  • small piece of green chenille glitter pipe cleaner
  • dab of white glue


  1. Download the image below. You can print the whole image any size you want, just make sure it’s not too large for the pin. 
  2. Cut out all the pieces: use a small sharp pair of scissors when cutting the shapes – it can get pretty tight around corners if the image is tiny.  Starting with the largest shamrock, layer the next largest shamrock over it with small pieces of the foam mounting square (put a small piece on each “heart” so that the foam will not be seen). Repeat with the other layers, working your way progressively until all the pieces are together.
  3. Curl the ends of the pipe cleaner and, with a bit of white glue, stick the other end in between the layers of “shamrock”.
  4. Attach the pin at the back, and have fun showing it off on St. Patrick’s Day!

Freebie - Shamrock Template

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