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Pierced Cross Card

The elements used in this card were specially chosen: each one signifies something. Purple represents royalty (Jesus is our King), white stands for His purity, green symbolizes the hope He gives us, and yellow is for the joy and happiness we feel by knowing Him. The red rhinestone signifies His blood that washed away our iniquities and the paper-pierced cross represents everything He suffered to save us.  Ideally for Easter, this card is also suitable for 1st Communion, dedication and confirmation. Thanks to Julee Tilman at www.poeticartisty.blogspot.com  for the use of her Mojo Monday card sketch.

Picture - Pierced Cross Card


  • purple cardstock
  • yellow pearlescent cardstock (love using this because it shimmers!)
  • green pearlescent cardstock
  • white cardstock
  • print out of the pierced cross pattern below
  • a small red rhinestone
  • adhesive of your choice
  • tools: paper-piercing tool ( I used a push pin),  pricking mat (an old mousepad)


  1. Print the paper piercing cross pattern on yellow cardstock, or print on regular paper, layer it on top of the yellow cardstock. Using the piercing tool, punch holes where the black dots are.
  2. Trim the yellow piece to measure 2.25” x 3.25”. Mat on purple cardstock measuring 2.5” x 3.5”. Layer on a piece of green cardstock – 3.375” x 2”), and then layer it again on yellow cardstock measuring 4.5” x 6” (refer to the picture for placement). Mat it on purple cardstock with dimensions 4.75” x 6”.
  3. Make a card from the white cardstock measuring 5” x 6.5”.  Adhere the layered piece on the card.
  4. Depending on the occasion, print the sentiment of your choice on green cardstock. Trim so that it measures 3.5” x .5” (it may be shorter if the sentiment has less words). Mat on purple cardstock, making sure that there is margin of ¼ “ all around. Adhere close to the bottom of the card.
  5. Since this card is big on symbolism, it’s a good idea to put somewhere in the card (inside or at the back) the explanation of what each element represents.

Pierced Cross Pattern: print size is 2” x 2.75”

Free - Pierced Cross Pattern

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