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Photo in a Christmas Ball Ornament
   by Ruth Viens

A charming new idea - but something that would really be treasured through the years - thanks to our contributing computer crafter, Ruth! 

Photo "in" a Christmas Ball Ornament


  • photo paper or printing paper of your choice
  • a piece of stiff paper or cardboard
  • adhesive (Xyron, spray-on adhesive)
  • piece of ribbon


First I did the front just the same as the instructions (check out the digi-project, "Photo in a Christmas Ball"), and with the window reflection. I took that and ran it through my Xyron with laminate adhesive cartridge. Stuck it on a piece of "fadeless art board" that I've had around here for eons. Not sure what weight it is, but it's like heavy cardstock. Happens to have a sheen to it except that doesn't matter for this. I was also thinking of using some bristol board that I know I have around here. Once I stuck it on this piece of art board stuff, I then trimmed closed around the edges. For the back I REVERSED the ball first on my computer (didn't do that the first time and it didn't quite match up on the back of the ornament) - printed it out the same size (the back is just the plain ball) - ran it through the Xyron for the laminate/adhesive and then stuck that to the back of the ornament making sure to line it up as closely as possible. I did then have to trim just a tiny bit around the edge of that second ball to match the first. I'm going to punch a hole in it and put a ribbon on it to hang. Only thing I think I'd do differently is use one of the two balls without the ribbon loops at the top because I didn't try to cut the white out of the loops and left them that way. Didn't look too bad, but looked better when I snipped the loops off - except the rest of the ribbon is then hanging in the front of the ball. I think I might try that same technique with some of your backgrounds on some other shapes too.

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