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Petite Purse for a Teacher

Thinking of a quick and easy project for Teacher’s Appreciation Week? Here is one!

Petite Purse for a Teacher



  1. Assemble and finish the purse according to the instructions included in the download.
  2. Design the wrapper for the candy – the template I used measured 5” x  3 ½ “
  3. Include the saying - I can think of several “reeses” why you’re a good mom!  (thanks to www.craftsayings.com for the clever saying!)
  4. Print the design (4 wrappers can fit to a sheet of paper).
  5. Cut out, wrap the Reese’s® Peanut Butter cups, crimp the ends and trim with pinking shears.
  6. Include a coordinating tag (I forgot to do to this, LOL!)

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