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Petite Purse for Mom

If you’re still thinking what to make for Mother’s Day – this project is highly recommended. It’s unique, easy to make and something that the recipient will surely love!

Petite Purse for Mom



  1. Assemble and finish the purse according to the instructions included in the download.
  2. Design the wrapper for the candy – the template I used measured 5” x  3 ½ “.
  3. Include the saying - I can think of several “reeses” why you’re a good mom!  (thanks to www.craftsayings.com for the clever saying!)
  4. Print the design (4 wrappers can fit to a sheet of paper).
  5. Cut out, wrap the Reese’s®  Peanut Butter cups, crimp the ends and trim with pinking shears.
  6. Include a coordinating tag (I forgot to do this, LOL!)

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