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Personalized Framed Print
  by Gem Sahagun

If you have run out of ideas on what to give as a Christmas present, why not give a personalized framed print - it is sure to be appreciated! 

Personalized Framed Print


  • 1 matted frame
  • 1 sheet photo paper or printing paper of your choice
  • graphics of your choice (the snowflakes here are from Silver and Gold)


  1. Measure the opening in the mat and open a file with the same dimensions. The layout on the left is 4.5" x 6.5". 
  2. Design the layout: the background used here can be downloaded from the link at the bottom of the page. The quotation used in this project comes from T. A. Barron (author of Merlin series of books):

Every piece of the universe,
even the tiniest little snow crystal,
matters somehow.
I have a place in the pattern,
and so do you.

3. Print your layout and frame it - that's it!

Just right click on the image to download, then save in your disk! This is a freebie and it may be used for either personal or commercial use. However, no digital sharing please! You may direct friends and family to this website if you want them to take advantage of this freebie. Thank you!

Sky-Cloud Background

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