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Personalized Coffee and Tea Pots (Teacher gift)

Here’s a novel way of gifting teachers with their favorite beverages!

Picture of coffee and tea pots


  • 4” clay pot
  • 1 inch wide black polka dot ribbon (or ribbon of your choice)
  • 1 inch wide red polka dot ribbon (or ribbon of your choice)
  • shredded paper
  • coffee or tea packets
  • coffee creamer (single serve) or honey pouches
  • cellophane or shrink wrap
  • adhesive of your choice
  • 1 sheet brochure paper (or paper of your choice)
  • Claypot-4inch wrap2 and circle - apple-pencils graphics from “Cool School Tools


  1. Personalize the clay pot wrapper by putting the name of your choice in the blank space on the wrapper.
  2. On the circle graphic, add a sentiment of your choice – I put “Behind every successful teacher is a substantial amount of coffee (or tea)”. This is a modified quote from Stephanie Piro – “Behind every successful woman is a substantial amount of coffee”.
  3. Print and cut out wrapper. Since a clay pot has sloping sides, putting on a wrapper is a bit tricky, so here’s a tip: before putting adhesive on the paper, wrap it around the clay pot first until you are satisfied with the way it fits.
  4. Put a mark on the clay pot where the edge of the paper is. Unwrap and put adhesive on the paper, then using the mark as a guide, wrap the clay pot – it should go on easy-peasy!
  5. With the black polka dot ribbon, cover the rim of the clay pot – use hot glue or adhesive of your choice. Make a pretty bow and adhere to cover the ribbon ends.
  6. Fill the pot with shredded paper then arrange the packets of coffee or tea and coffee creamer or honey pouches. I used five packets of coffee and five creamers for the coffee pot, ten tea packets and five pouches of tea in the picture.
  7. Wrap the whole pot with cello or shrink wrap, tie with the red ribbon. Cut out (or if you have a 2” circle punch, punch out) the circle and add it as a tag to the pot.

Here’s a pic of the cello-wrapped coffee pot:

Picture of cellophane-wrapped coffee pot

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