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Pen and Post-It® Keeper

Post-it® notes have become an indispensable part of our busy lives. Make this cute pen and post-it note keeper to keep everything handy when you have to write a note – it’s nice to give to a busy friend, too!

 Image - Pen and Post-it Keeper


  • 1 sheet cardstock
  • graphics of your choice (I used images from Calico Spring Bunnies )
  • hook and loop dots (Velcro® dots)
  • double-sided tape or adhesive of your choice


  1. Download the template below and design the box using graphics of your choice.
  2. Cut along solid lines, score and fold along dotted lines. Tape or glue the flaps to assemble the box.
  3. Put the hook and loop dots to close and hold the flap in place.
  4. Note: the small pens that fit inside this keeper are from a gel pen pack that you can probably buy at dollar stores or at office supply stores.


Template - Pen and Post-it Keeper

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