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Oval Tissue Box Cover for Christmas

by Gem Sahagun

We noticed how much you liked the tissue box cover for fall - so here's the Christmas version! The graphic provided in this project is versatile - you can use it for other projects, too (make some napkin rings, wrap a small box, make a small gift bag, etc). 

Oval Tissue Box for Christmas


1 oval tissue box
1 sheet Photo paper (or paper of your choice)
Double-sided tape


1. Download the image in the link indicated below then open in your graphics software. Size the image so that it is about 8" by 5.125".
2. Print two copies of the image. Cut (tip: since these are all straight edges, just use a rotary cutter).
3. Put double sided tape on each short end and adhere to the box, overlapping edges

Just right click on the image, then click "Save Picture As.." and save in your disk! The design is printer-ready and should be sized to about 8" by 5.125". This is a freebie and personal or commercial use is allowed. However, no digital sharing please! You may direct friends and family to this website if you want them to take advantage of this freebie. Thank you!

Oval Tissue Box Cover for Christmas

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