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Mug Packet

This cute little mug packet holds one single serve coffee bag – with a short and sweet message, too!

Mug Packet picture


  • 1 sheet white cardstock
  • 1 single-serve coffee bag
  • glue or narrow double-sided tape
  • Mug packet image from Over a Cup of Coffee *
    *Note: the set includes two mug packets - one with a message included and one without


  1. Print the image onto the card stock – you can fit two images in one sheet.
  2. Cut along solid lines. Slash the space inside the mug handle and carefully cut along the handle outline.
  3. Score and fold along the middle line. The side without an image forms the back side of the mug packet.
  4. Glue/tape the side and bottom.
  5. Insert single-serve coffee bag into packet.


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