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Morning Coffee Prayer

Of all the projects this month, I guess I love this the most. Very easy to put together, but it is meaningful and will surely touch anybody who receives it! 
Morning Coffee Prayer picture


  • 1 sheet cardstock (or 1 blank 5” x 7” card)
  • 1 single-serve coffee bag
  • double-side tape or adhesive of your choice
  • Morning Coffee Prayer – blue or Morning Coffee Prayer – pink from Over a Cup of Coffee


  1.  Print the graphic on cardstock or notecard – the print size of the image is 5” x 7”.
  2. If using a sheet of cardstock, cut along the top and bottom so that the finished size is 10” x 7”. Score the middle (not necessary if you’re using a blank card).
  3. With a sharp craft knife, slash along the dotted line on the inside of the cup graphic.
  4. Fold along the score line. Tape/glue the three open edges together, forming a packet.
  5. Insert a single-serve coffee bag through the slashed opening.
  6. Give to someone!

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