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Life Quotes for a Week

Quotable quotes wrap sweet treats stored in a gorgeous dispenser box!

 Picture - Dispenser Box 1


  • assembled dispenser box in color of your choice
  • 5 – 7 pieces of chocolate or candy (Ghirardelli® chocolate squares, Life Savers, mints or other similar-sized treats)
  • printouts of the template below with your favorite quotations
  • 1 – 1 ½” styrofoam ball, cut in half (use a serrated knife)
  • about ½ yard of  ¾”  wide ribbon
  • various flowers, leaves, curled paper or other embellishments of your choice (these may be made with punches like the one pictured above, or use ready-made layered flowers)
  • glue dots, hot glue gun


  1. Assemble the dispenser box as shown in the instructions.
  2. Wrap the ribbon around the sides of the box, gluing as necessary, make sure that the top is flat.
  3. Hot glue the flat part of the styrofoam ball onto the top of the box, covering the ends of the ribbon.
  4. Glue/adhere the flowers, leaves and other embellishments onto the styrofoam ball, making sure that the whole surface is covered.
  5. Cut the candy wrappers along solid lines, score and fold along the dashes.
  6. Wrap the candies, use glue dots to keep the candies in place if needed; use another glue dot to keep the wrapper closed.
  7. Fill the dispenser box with the wrapped candies.

Template for Candy/Chocolate Wrapper:

The print size of this template is 2.25” x 5.5”. Just right click on the image and save in your computer.
Picture - Dispenser Box - Template for Candy/Chocolate Wrapper

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