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Jam-N-Crackers Snack Kit

Know anyone who’s busy and needs a quick pick-me-up? This will surely make him/her take a breather and have a little enjoyable snack time! This easy-to-do project uses a 1-oz jar of jam (the actual size of the project is shown on the left – it can fit on the palm of your hand), check your grocery stores for this product (I got mine from World Market).

Jam-N-Crackers Snack Kit



  1. Open the caddy graphic and reduce the size to 65% (or, you can hold the shift button down and drag the arrow on the corner of the graphic until the side that originally measures 10 inches becomes 6.5 inches). Do the same to the handle/divider graphic. You might want to add a sentiment on the box – “To a friend with jam-packed days”, or “Hope your day is jam-packed with fun”, etc.
  2. Assemble the caddy according to the instructions included in the set.
  3. Fill one side with crackers, line the other side with tissue paper and put in the jar of jam.
  4. Give to someone who needs it!

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