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Inspirational Card with Paper Piercing

This is a lovely project using the free pattern – Paper Piercing Flowery Frame!

Projects - Card Bible Verse


  • Vellum
  • Cardstock (your choice of color)
  • Paper piercing tool (I just used a push pin here)
  • Paper piercing mat (an old mouse pad or 4 layers of quilted paper towel)
  • Print out of the paper piercing pattern Paper Piercing Flowery Frame
  • Graphics of your choice (I used an image from Musical Interlude )


  1. If you can print directly on vellum, print the paper piercing pattern on it, otherwise, print on regular printing paper, and layer it on top of the vellum. Punch holes where there are black dots. Remember to use a mat to protect the surface you are working on.
  2. Design the inside template with graphics of your choice. There are two inside templates: you may choose to mat the smaller inside template with the slightly larger one as shown above, or you can just use one of the inside template.
  3. Adhere the inside template to the vellum piece. Make a card from the cardstock then adhere the vellum to the card – use vellum adhesive or put adhesive underneath the inside template so that glue/tape marks will not show.
  4. Voila! Marvel at what a humble push pin and a dedicated crafter can do!

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