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Home of the Wise

Remember the Sunday-school song that goes “The wise man built his house upon the rock…”? This project is based on that, this “sweet house” is filled with favorite Bible verses (scroll to bottom of the page to see this freebie), each wrapped around a Hershey’s nugget ™. A great inspirational gift!

Picture - Home of the Wise


  • empty Nestle Tollhouse™ Cocoa Powder container (8 oz)
  • 26 Hershey’s nuggets ™ (if you prefer to add more, do so!)
  • 2 sheets brochure paper
  • graphics and instructions from Brick House Crafties
  • shredded filler paper (optional)


  1. Print out the Brickhouse Project Sheet and follow the instructions in wrapping the “house” container. For this particular project, I lightened the back of the house and quoted Luke 6:47-48. On the lid, I added, “Home Sweet Home of the Wise”.
  2. Print out the Bible verses below, cut out and wrap each nugget.
  3. Fill the “house with shredded paper (optional), then fill with the wrapped nuggets.

To download this image, just right click on the graphic and save in your disk. This is a freebie and it may be used for personal or commercial purposes, however, no digital sharing please! If you want friends and family to take advantage of this freebie, please direct them to this website, thank you!

The image appears small but this will print clearly on an 8"x10" sheet.

Freebie - Brick House Bible Verses

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