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Grandma's Letter to Santa Bell Pull
  by Gem Sahagun  

Here's a project that uses a long piece of paper - if your printer can print on a banner, lucky you! However, if yours can't (like mine!), you can still make this bell pull/banner project with some printing tricks! 

Naughty Parents


  • 1 sheet of paper 8.5" by 24" Note: I cut mine from a pad of drawing paper which was originally 18" by 24". You can use other kinds of paper, like packing paper or paper that comes in rolls, cut to the dimensions indicated.
  • 2 pieces of stiff cardboard - 8.5" x 2.5"
  • 2 eyelets
  • a piece of 1/4 inch ribbon
  • adhesive (Xyron, double-sided tape or glue)

The letter goes this way:

Dear Santa,

These kids have, for the most part,
been nice, but I know of at least three
instances when their parents have been


You may change the letter to fit the number of kids. If it makes you a bit uncomfortable, you might want to reword the letter so that the last portion of the letter will read, "...but of course, I am biased!"


  1. Design the top part of the bell pull - all the images used here are from the "Calico Christmas" CD (Copyright @ (2006) Gem's Cottage).
  2. Put the long sheet of paper in your printer and print as if you are printing a regular piece of paper.
    Note: If your printer can print on a banner, do all the designing part then print the whole thing, skip the next step.
  3. Design an individual square for each name - I made a 5" x 5" square first, then put the design elements in, personalizing the stocking with a name. Print the boxes on another sheet of paper, then cut. Position then stick the squares onto the bell pull.
  4. Stick the two pieces of heavy cardboard on the short ends of the bell pull (back side) - this is to provide stability and prevent the paper from curling.
  5. Punch two holes at the top, then put an eyelet on each hole. Thread the ribbon through the eyelets, then knot each end.

Another note: The layout presented in this bell pull is ideal for a few kids (maybe up to four), for more than that, a banner layout would be best.

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