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Favor-sized Vellum Bag

This project does not have specific measurements nor do you have to remember any measurements for that matter.  You can make it any size you want, and you don’t have to use vellum either (although the effect sure is pretty), you can make it from any material you have on hand – regular printing paper, gift wrapping paper (for bigger bags), kraft paper, etc.  The basic process remains the same, so making a gift bag from paper becomes really easy.

Picture - Favor-sized Vellum Bag 1


  •  paper for gift bag (for the bag pictured above, the vellum piece I used measures about 8.5” x 3.67” – or just cut a sheet crosswise equally into three)
  • a scrap piece of paper, the width of which is how wide you want the sides of the bag to be (mine is about an inch wide)
  • your favorite adhesive
  • a piece of cardstock for the bag topper


1. Fold the vellum in half, but leave about a 1/2” wide flap on the top edge (the flap is where you are going to put adhesive on later). 

 Picture - Favor-sized Vellum Bag 2

2. Using edge of paper as guide, fold down the flap.

Picture - Favor-sized Vellum Bag 3

3. Open the vellum piece. Using the strip of scrap paper as guide and the middle fold line as reference, make another fold on the vellum piece.

 Picture - Favor-sized Vellum Bag 4

4. Open the vellum piece again. With the strip of scrap paper and the bottom edge of the paper as guides, make another fold. Open along the fold, and it should now look like this:

Picture - Favor-sized Vellum Bag 5             

5. Using the strip of paper again and aligning it to the long edge of the piece, make another fold. Open the vellum piece and it should now have five fold lines:

Picture - Favor-sized Vellum Bag 6

6. Using the fold lines as guide, cut out “V” shapes to make the bottom flaps and cut off the excess side flap.

Picture - Favor-sized Vellum Bag 7 

7. Flip the piece over. Apply adhesive on the side flap and glue the sides together.

Picture - Favor-sized Vellum Bag 8

8. Apply adhesive on one of the bottom flaps and stick together.

Picture - Favor-sized Vellum Bag 9

9. Pinch the sides together (about an inch from the top up to the top edge) to form a fold on the sides:

Picture - Favor-sized Vellum Bag 10                            

10. Fill with goodies and staple a bag topper. The ones pictured below is a piece of card stock, about 3.5” high and as wide as the bag front (I didn’t measure it, just eyeballed it, LOL!). I used an edge punch on both sides, then scored and folded in the middle. Embellish as you wish. You can see that I’ve been having fun making these – they’re fast and easy to make!

Picture - Favor-sized Vellum Bag 11


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