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Fall & Halloween Cupcake Wrappers

Halloween and Thanksgiving parties are coming soon - here’s something new to make for these occasions!

Picture of Fall and Halloween Cupcake Wraps


  • Orange (or color of your choice) cardstock
  • Fall and/or Halloween themed punches – small sized (maple leaf, scary cat and witch on broomstick were used in the picture above)
  • 1/16” and 1/8” hole punches
  • corner rounder with guard removed to make scalloped edge
  • adhesive of your choice
  • cupcakes
  • Punching guides from “Cupcake Wrapper Template” (hole punch 4 and hole punch 5 were used above)


  1. Print the punching guides on orange cardstock – the print size of the pattern is 8” x 3”, so three to four patterns can easily fit on one sheet. Cut along the outside  lines (refer to assembly instructions included in the set “Cupcake Wrapper Template ”).
  2. Punch the scallop edge using the corner rounder, then punch the large holes along the border with a 1/8” hole punch. Punch the small holes with a 1/16” hole punch.
  3. Use the “dot guides” in the middle of the wrapper and punch out the fall/Halloween figures.
  4. Form into a circle, and then adhere overlapping edges.
  5. Put cupcakes in and have a festive time!

Tip: for homemade cupcakes, it is best to frost them the day before then leave in the fridge overnight. This allows the frosting to harden, and will not leave an oily residue on the wrapper.

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