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Drawstring Bag

You can use drawstring bags in so many ways – a popular magazine even advices not to wrap presents in paper, just put the present in a drawstring bag. The recipient actually gets to have two presents, and there’s no clutter to clean up after opening the gift. But don’t just think of gift-giving with this drawstring bag – your family can certainly use them, too! My daughters use them to put their gym clothes in, another one for their running shoes, and of course, since I have a toddler, I always need these to keep a small towel and a change of clothes.

 Image - Drawstring Bag


  • piece of fabric 12 in long and 18 in wide
  • 1 yard cotton cording
  • thread for sewing
  • iron-on transfer
  • graphics of your choice (the image shown here is from Calico Spring Bunnies)


  1. Fold one side (the 18 in side) of the fabric about ¾ in down. Sew.
  2. Fold the fabric in half – it should now be about 9 in wide. Sew the two open edges to form a bag, stop sewing just before the hem made in (1).
  3. Turn the bag inside out, and insert the cord through the opening in the hem. Knot the cord.
  4. Print your design on the iron-on transfer, and put the design on the bag. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions in printing and ironing the transfer.

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