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Bunny Match-up Game

Thinking of a quiet game that little kids can do to pass the time away? You know, those times when you have to wait in the dentist’s/doctor’s office, or wait to be seated/served in a restaurant, or when it’s raining and there’s not much to do… Well, let this game come to the rescue! It’s easy to make, fun to play with, and when you’re done, you can just tuck all the cards in a nifty little box (check out Memory Match-up Game Box).

  Bunny Match-up Game Picture


  • 2 – 3 sheets white cardstock (preferably 110 lb or 120 lb)
  • graphics of your choice (I used images from Calico Spring Bunnies  since it had a lot of  bunnies in different poses)


  1.  Download the template below. The size used in the picture above is 2” x 3”, but you may increase or decrease the size according to your preference (the box is based on the 2” x 3” card size, though). 
  2.  Design the game cards – remember that there should be two cards with the same design.
  3.  Print the game cards, 12 cards can fit onto 1 sheet of cardstock. You can print as many or as few as you want. Cut the sheet into separate cards.
  4.  You may also want to print the rules of the game and include it in the box:

Place the cards face down. Each player takes turns flipping over two cards at a time. If the cards match, the player who flips them gets to keep the pair.  If the cards don’t match, flip them over again. The player with the most pairs is the winner.


Template - Bunny Match-up Game

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