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Birthday Ball Card

Make a humorous card and add dimension to the design by using pop-up techniques!

Picture - Birthday Ball Card 1Picture - Birthday Ball Card 2


  • one sheet cardstock and/or one sheet plain paper (or brochure paper)
  • graphics with a ball (your choice) - *the images shown here are by Laurie Furnell at www.pccrafter.com
  • finished tissue paper ball (instructions to make this are from "Pop-up Tissue Ball", note that blue tissue paper was used to match the graphic)    
  • other tools/materials: scissors, adhesive, etc.


  1. Design the card on your graphics software, keeping in mind that the card is a tri-fold (refer to the first picture). Make sure that the middle of the ball coincides with a fold line, because this is where the pop-up tissue ball will be placed. Use the Circle Base template as a basis as to how big the ball is going to be (in this case, the ball of yarn in the image is enlarged to make it as big as the circle base). Enlarge the other graphics correspondingly.
  2. When you are satisfied with the design, print on cardstock.
  3. Fold. 
  4. Glue the finished pop-up tissue ball on the card.   
  5.  For the mouse’s arm to “hold” the ball, please bear with me as I just found out that it is difficult to put in words what a few pictures would show. So off I go to take pics of how I did this – will be updating this project soon!

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