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Bear With Me

 Apologies will be sweetly accepted with this delightful project! You can also cheer up someone by changing the words to “Bear each other’s burdens”, or with other bear sayings.

Picture - Yo-wrap Bear1


  • Empty container and lid of Yo-Crunch®, washed and dried
  • Pink & brown graphics: top, lid side and main wrap from Yo-wraps – Assortment
  • Bear graphics of your choice – image above is by Rebecca Carter of www.pccrafter.com
  • Brochure paper
  • Double-sided tape or adhesive of your choice
  • Teddy Bear grahams

Tools needed:

pair of sharp scissors, 2” circle punch or circle cutter (optional)


  1. On the lid top graphic, add an adorable bear image. On the lid side graphic, add “Pls bear with me…” Using the lid top graphic with the bear, layer on top of the main wrap (or, you can also print two lid tops and stick one on the middle of the main wrap during assembly.)
  2. Print the top, lid side and main wrap as designed then cut the three pieces.
  3. Adhere the corresponding pieces to the yogurt container with double-sided tape (or adhesive of your choice).
  4. Fill with teddy bear grahams

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