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Digital Images Policy

Terms of Use for Gem’s Cottage Digital Art Sets, Blank Templates and Printastics!

Gem's Cottage owns the copyrights of all digital images in this site. When you purchase digital graphics, you have a license to use these images. The graphics being sold in this site were created mainly for personal use and also for the use of professional crafters and small business owners. However, purchasing and downloading our products also means agreement to abide by the rules in the use of our graphics – this is not only for Gem’s Cottage protection of copyrights but also for the protection of professional crafters and small business owners. Making the graphics easily available for use to others lowers the value of the images.

 “Personal use” in this context is defined as making a three-dimensional, tangible, finished item, using the graphics as enhancement /decoration  on the item, for non-profit purposes. “Personal use” also covers the use of Gem’s Cottage images on personal, non-profit websites, as long as the resolution of the graphic is reduced to 72 pixels per inch (ppi) and the size of the graphic does not exceed 50% of its original size when purchased. Using the graphics for signature tags (sig tags) and avatars for personal use on message boards is also allowed.  A link showing that the images come from Gem’s Cottage must be indicated. Care should be taken so that the quality of the images, if downloaded by others (using right click or print-scr function), is not good enough to be used for other purposes.  

For professional crafters and small business owners, use of Gem’s Cottage graphics is allowed for commercial purposes – the limit to the number of times you use the graphics is 200 and all the following conditions must be met:

  1. Items made using the graphics must be finished products – selling unfinished products (like kits) with Gem’s Cottage images is prohibited.
  2. If selling finished items on the web, use of images to show customers the item with the design is also allowed, as long as the graphic size is reduced to at least 50% of its original size and the resolution lowered to 72 ppi.
  3. Use of images to enhance a commercial website is also allowed, again, as long as the graphic size is reduced to at least 50% and the resolution lowered to 72 ppi.
  4. There should be a link somewhere in the site to indicate that the images come from Gem’s Cottage. On finished products, there is no need to indicate where the graphics come from, however, we do appreciate it if you do!

What is not allowed?

  1. Use of images for mass production of finished items is prohibited.  The maximum number of finished products that can be produced with the purchase of a set is 200. A single product is understood as one complete unit - e.g. a notepad with 20 sheets using the same image does not constitute 20 uses of the image - it only counts as 1.
  2. The products must be personally produced and sold by the person who bought the set - the license to use the digital images is non-transferrable.
  3. Selling unfinished products (i.e. kits) using Gem’s Cottage graphics is not allowed - examples are fabric squares (printed with graphics) for quilting, unassembled treat bags, etc.
  4. Digital “sharing” (i.e. e-mailing, posting on the Internet, etc.) of any graphics or templates is strictly prohibited. If you want to share with friends and relatives the free graphics and templates on Gem’s Cottage, please direct them to the website. Purchased graphics and templates, including designs made with the said graphics and templates, should NEVER be “shared” digitally. Pictures of finished products, however, may be “shared”.
  5. Creating digital products with Gem’s Cottage graphics so as to make said products available for purchase is strictly prohibited – examples are making a treat box design with our images and selling this digital item, making a cross-stitch pattern with our graphics and selling the pattern, making web sets, screensavers for purchase, etc.
  6. Using the images for any lewd, pornographic or violent purposes.

Commercial License Policies for Blank Templates Only

Note: If you are printing then selling finished products yourself using a template from Gem’s Cottage, you do not need to buy a commercial license. This license applies to digital designers who sell products in downloadable format only.


The template you have downloaded was created by Gem Sahagun of Gem’s Cottage (www.gemscottage.com) and as such, Gem’s Cottage holds the copyrights and distribution rights of the said template. Purchasing and downloading the template with a commercial license means agreement to abide by the terms and conditions set forth herewith:


  1. The template can only be used for the creation and sale of printable kits in downloadable format by the single person who purchased the template.
  2. The template may be altered, if the design requires it to be, however, the designer may not call the template his/her own.
  3. The template, by itself, or any portion thereof, can not be sold as the final product in any format whatsoever.
  4. The completed final product (template plus design) may only be sold through the commercial website/s listed by the person who purchased the license. It is the buyer’s responsibility to update this list by notifying/e-mailing Gem’s Cottage of any changes in the aforementioned list.
  5. This commercial license is non-transferable: only the person who paid for this license may be able to create and sell derivative products from the purchased template through their commercial website/s. As such, the template cannot be shared with another person or shared within a group, posted in message boards, or given to another person or company in any format whatsoever. 
  6. The maximum number of designed templates that can be created and sold with one purchase of a commercial license is 25. If you exceed this number, then you must purchase another commercial license.
  7. The phrase “Template by www.gemscottage.com” (hyperlink if possible) should be included in the credits and/or product description of the printable set.
  8. As mentioned above, the template remains the property of, and copyright by, Gem’s Cottage. Any copyright violation and/or non-conformity to the conditions set above will constitute automatic termination of this license. Gem’s Cottage also reserves the right to indemnify itself and recover from you any damages, loss of sales or goodwill due to violation of copyrights and or non-conformity to the above conditions


If you have any questions, or need clarifications, please e-mail sales@gemscottage.com



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